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European Commentaries on Private International Law (ECPIL), Vol. I-IV, Gesamtabnahme zum Vorzugspreis

2016-2019, ca. 3420 Seiten, 4 Bände, broschiert, Kommentar, 160x240 mm
ISBN  978-3-504-08008-2
746,00 €

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The trendsetter amongst English language article-by-article commentaries in the field of Private International Law – throughout Europe.

European Commentaries on Private International Law (ECPIL), Vol. I-IV, Gesamtabnahme zum Vorzugspreis

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Due to the increasing impact of globalisation and the harmonisation of law, Private International Law becomes more and more essential for legal practitioners. The series „European Commentaries on Private International Law“ provides three full scale article-by-article commentaries in English to address the Brussels Ibis, the Rome I and the Rome II Regulation. The series is truly European in nature, style and authorship. It provides thorough and succinct in-depth analysis of every single Article of the Regulations and offers most valuable guidance for lawyers, judges and academics throughout Europe as it suggests clear and practical solutions for disputed issues. It is, thus, an indispensable working tool for all practitioners involved in the field of Private International Law. The editors Ulrich Magnus and Peter Mankowski are renowned experts in this field of law.

They have assembled a team of very prominent and distinguished authors from all over Europe. The authors’ geographical provenience stretches from Denmark in the North to Italy in the South and from Portugal and the United Kingdom in the West to the Czech Republic in the East.

The volumes in detail:

Originally published by Sellier, the European Commentaries of Private International Law series will from now on be published by Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt.

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Ulrich Magnus, Prof. Dr. Peter Mankowski.